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The spirit of Bober

Jun. 23, 2017

Bober, mainly to kitchen utensils in living goods design, integration of production, management and sales.

The spirit of professionalism, innovation, integrity of the enterprise purpose, principles and strategies for the sustainable development, is committed to to pay attention to the quality of life of urban families, provide practical, high-quality living activities for the environmental protection, beautiful and perfect life experience.


If you have inquiry, please call to us or leave message to us, we can reply you within 2 hours on working days; and reply within 12 hours on weekend, thanks

  • Tel: +86 755 2350 1469
  • Tel: +86 177 2449 9185 (Alice)
  • Tel: +86 138 2436 9833 (Windy)
  • Fax: +86 755 2350 1469
  • Add: 12th Floor, Honghai Business Building, Red Star Community, Songgang Street, Shenzhen.

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